boy in river…works to promote conservation of wildlife AND human well-being. We create educational materials, activities, talks and experiences which are scientifically cutting edge and beautiful to look at. Our aim is to engage people so they know what is at stake and what they can do to help.

Siren opens people’s minds and hearts to Nature and nurtures that connection.

Siren’s work reconnects us to what is health giving and sustainable for ourselves and for the planet. Our projects are all based in conservation education. We work in locations where we feel we can have most positive impact and in ways which are based on sound scientific insight and thought through ideas.

“for we will not fight to save what we do not love.”
Stephen Jay Gould (Eight Little Piggies, 1993)

“Siren has the size of a dormouse
and the beneficial footprint of an elephant”
Sean Morris. Founder of Oxford Scientific Films (2010)

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Banner image photo credits: digoarpi; kukuruxa; mycteria; KR MEDIA Productions; Roland Ijdema; Irina Fischer; WitR; fotohunter; KAMONRAT; TheRocky41/;; Sasha Norris