Naturebook is an online gallery of nature artwork; a celebration of humanity’s passion for and fascination with nature. Artistic expression of the living world is a vitally human activity. From 30,000 year old San cave paintings in Zimbabwe, to the flowers of Van Gogh or Marc Chagall or the poetry of Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, John Keats or Mary Oliver, nature makes us feel and urges us to create.

So we set up Naturebook to showcase this feeling.

“If you want to feel happy – look at Naturebook!”

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Naturebook is a celebration of biophilia – snippets of poetry, sketches, oils, watercolours, pencil lines, inspired by natural living things, animals, plants, fungi, or microscopic bugs, ugliness, beauty, fascination, or disgust, cartoons, realism, expressionism, magic, expressions of love, hopelessness, joy, anything at all, as long as its inspired by something that’s alive.

Naturebook collage

Dreaming Spires collage made with children visiting Hinksey Heights Nature Park for Oxford Open Doors event

The site is open to everyone and harnesses the excitement and creative impulse nature brings, without judging the work. On Naturebook, you will find, side by side, the scribbling of a small child with a pencil and a pet slug, with work by professional artists, writers and sculptors. Added together, the work of these people, united by their love of wilderness, will make a resounding shout to conserve the natural world. We urge you to explore the site and to make a Naturebook of your own.

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